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EDUC 140 Electronic Portfolio
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Marquette Educational and Wisconsin DPI Standard #1

Knowledge Indicators:
1.1 The teacher understands major concepts, assumptions, debates, processes of inquiry, and ways of knowing that are central to the discipline(s) s/he teaches
1.2 The teacher understands how students' conceptual frameworks and their misconceptions for an area of knowledge can influence their learning.
Disposition Indicators:
1.5 The teacher appreciates multiple perspectives and conveys to learners how knowledge is developed from the vantage point of the learner.
Performance Indicators:
1.8 The teacher effectively uses multiple representations and explanations of disciplinary concepts that capture key ideas and links them to students' prior understandings.
1.10 The teacher can evaluate teaching resources and curriculum materials for their comprehensiveness, accuracy, and usefulness in representing particular ideas and concepts.
1.12 The teacher develops and uses curricula that encourage students to see, question, and interpret ideas from diverse perspectives.


Critical Task

Science Safety and Classroom Management

Analysis Of Teacher Video

Ms. Gemma FitzPatrick
Marquette University class of '08
Elementary Education and Psychology Undergraduate

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