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EDUC 140 Electronic Portfolio
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Assessment Tools

An authnetic assessment is: responsive to context, a continuous procees embedded in instruction, valid and reliable, and measures meaningful understanding.

An assessment piece I included in my critical task is The Monarch Butterfly journal.  The journal would serve as a continuous assessment process embedded in instruction.  Once a week, students would track the migration path of the Monarch Butterfly. Journal entries would be graded on the connections made between online discussions and material covered in the classroom.


Another informal assessment piece included in the critical task follows the Migration Headache activity.  A teacher-led discussion will assess students understanding of a bird’s migration, and limiting factors.  This assessment is authentic because it measures meaningful understanding of the activity.  


The lunar flip book we created in EDUC 140 served as an authentic assessment of the lunar phases.  This assessment was multidimensional because it required us to complete a flip book detailing the position of the moon in relation to the earth and the sun.  This project specifically matched the educational goal of understanding the lunar phases and different methods of assessment.  The lunar flip book was also authentic because it engaged students in the assessment piece when we graded one another’s flip book.  


One part of the Bugscope Project assessed our understanding of how NSES standards can be incorporated into the classroom.  This matched the education goal of the class: to use multiple representations of disciplinary concepts.  

Click Here to View Migration Assessment

Visit Journey North: Monarch Butterfly Website

Click Here to View Bugscope PowerPoint

Ms. Gemma FitzPatrick
Marquette University class of '08
Elementary Education and Psychology Undergraduate