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EDUC 140 Electronic Portfolio
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Use of Technology in the Science Classroom

Technology tools are authentic when they connect classroom-based learning to real world situations.   

Through the use of new technology-based resources, such as the World Wide Web, students have access to a multitude of rich information.  The website I found that was particularly appropriate for my critical task on migration was a site called Journey North.  This website is a primary source material, which allows students to check the migration of the monarch butterfly.  Journey North serves as an authentic tool because it helps students connect their learning of migration to life outside the school environment.

In my critical task, I suggested using the DVD, Winged Migration-Documentary about Birds and Earth.  This technology provides students with another perspective of migration.  Once again, this technology allows students to connect what they are learning in the classroom to real life. 


Technology tools can also assist students learning through the performance of cognitive tasks.  Allowing students to create PowerPoint presentations promotes students’ abilities to express their understanding of material in multiple ways.  PowerPoint Presentations provide an authentic assessment piece because they allow students to clearly present their knowledge in a unique visual manner. 


Bugscope is another technology which can be used in the science classroom.  The Bugscope Project provides K-12 classroom a resource with which they can control a scanning electron microscope to view images of bugs at high magnification.  This site can be used in connection to a unit on bugs or microscopes.  This technology is authentic because it allows students the opportunity to learn more about bugs, or microscopes, outside of the classroom setting.  

Journey North

Click Here to View Bugscope PowerPoint

Ms. Gemma FitzPatrick
Marquette University class of '08
Elementary Education and Psychology Undergraduate