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EDUC 140 Electronic Portfolio
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Science Safety and Classroom Management Plan

A science safety plan is needed in a classroom to protect both the students and the teacher.  In order to promote a safe working environment, students must understand and take responsibility for the safety rules in a classroom.  A great way to develop a safety plan is to include your students in its formation.  Students will then be motivated to uphold the rules that they created for themselves.
They are many resources able to help beginning teachers understand the essential safety concerns in a science classroom.  The National Science Education Leadership Association provides a webiste that explains many safety concerns.  Companies that distribuate chemicals used in the classroom will also provide resources and information concerning the hazards and correct disposal methods for specific chemicals.  One final resource is your cooperating teachers.  Currect teachers have a great deal of resources and experience that can be very beneficial to beginning teachers.    

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Ms. Gemma FitzPatrick
Marquette University class of '08
Elementary Education and Psychology Undergraduate

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