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EDUC 140 Electronic Portfolio
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National Science Educational Standards

National Science Education Standards

Grade K-4 National Science Education Standards

These two links outline the National Science Education Standards for kindergarten through fourth grade students.  The standards detailed in these websites are not written for specific grades, but rather must simply by covered within this grade level range.  The content areas addressed include, but are not limited to, life sciences, physical sciences, and science and technology. 
In my critical task, I developed a unit curriculum which addressed several of these standards.  I connected the Migration Headache Activity with the "science in personal and social perspectives content" standard.  Students are assessed for their understanding of limiting factors and the natural or human caused factors after completing the activity.  This assessment connects with the NSES standards by helping students understand the relationship between a species' survival and the environmental factors (4FSPSP4.1).  Also, students gained an appreciation of how changes in the environment occur natually or as a result of human activity.
The Bugscope Project completed in EDUC 140 demonstrated and can be connected to the NSES standard of science and technology.  The Bugscope website provides a resource for individuals to use "science as one way of answering questions they have about the world" (4EST2.1).  This project required us to use the Bugscope website to determine misconceptions we had about bugs.  Following our research, we created the attached website to demonstrate the knowledge we gained through this science project.


Critical Task

Ms. Gemma FitzPatrick
Marquette University class of '08
Elementary Education and Psychology Undergraduate